(Chairman of the Board / CEO)  

 Mr. Canogullari was graduated from Istanbul Technical University and received Master of Science degree for Materials Science engineering from the same university. He completed PhD studies at Berlin Technical University (Germany) in Materials Science program.

He worked as project manager at the joint project of Daimler-Chrysler and Degussa in Germany together with his Assistant Professor position at Istanbul Technical University.

 After his 10 years work at the university, he has managed a gold luxury goods company with over 1000 employees for over 15 years. Within this period the company has became one of the world leaders in the market with exporting goods more than 45 countries.

He considers some major subjects such as

-  Customer is the KING,

-  The company should act as a FAMILY together with customers and the suppliers,

-  In long term we are all dead DO IT NOW.

Which cannot be discussed and should be applied for the SUCCESS.

With his knowledge and experience in production, organization, sales and marketing leads AB Card to reach its goals indicated at mission statement. 

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